Signs of Spirits

Psychic Tarot, Reiki, Spiritual Guidance


Intuitive Psychic Tarot Sessions


Sessions can be via Zoom, in person, or by phone.  Throughout your session I will work intuitively with my spirit guides and Tarot to achieve greater insight into your options, challenges, weakness and strengths.  You may ask specific questions related to any area of your life you are concerned with. The spiritual insights I bring through can empower you to feel more clarity and confidence in your decisions and make peace with your fears.  


Tarot is the Symbolic Record of Human Experience. The Tarot contains the wisdom of the Bible, Kabala, astrology, numerology and other mystic sciences.  Many scholars, writers and philosophers regard the symbols and images with profound respect.  The sages and prophets throughout history have uncovered in them secrets of universal meanings for all. The information from your session is intended to help guide you in your daily life, not tell you how to live your life. 


My rates are $65 per 30 minutes and include a CD recording of your session. The length of the session is up to you. Most sessions are either 30 or 60 minutes.    







Private and small group classes are available for those interested in metaphysical venues.





Parties are fun for birthdays, graduations, showers, and holidays.    A minimum number of people are required and the hostess receives a free reading.  Sandra is  available for business and corporate events as well as organization and special events.



Interested in scheduling a session, class or party?

I work with clients in person or over the phone. To schedule your session or to find out more please contact me by email at or by phone between 9:00 Am and 9:00 PM (315) 437-1414 leaving a detailed message. (This is a landline so no texts please).


 All readings are strictly confidential and come with a complimentary CD-recording